Youth Grow Indy PROGRAM: Urban Garden Internship Program


Youth Grow Indy is a youth development program wherein youth from Marion county work together to manage an urban farming plot. This youth-led initiative provides experiential learning opportunities, implementation of real-world life and business principles, service to the community, and an outlet for local agriculture. The students in this program are placed in charge of a year-long community farming program under the guidance of experienced adult leadership and learn the value of dedication, teamwork, planning, and agriculture while also being compensated for their efforts.


As a Youth Grow Initiative Crew Member, you will be filling one of 5 summer openings and will be an integral component to the summer plant-harvest cycle, one of the busiest times of the year! You will be working under the supervision of a Youth Farm Initiative Crew Manager and alongside 4 of your fellow Youth Farm Initiative Crew Members in managing all aspects of urban agriculture including planning, maintaining, managing, and distributing urban farm products from carrots to zucchinis.


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