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Our Farms

Our farms are production, education, and sometimes demonstration space rooted in sustainable agricultural practices. Our farms also serve as a space for the community to gather with food and fun. Our goal is to produce high-quality food while also providing programs for our community. 

SFP also hopes our farms can show how they can be economically viable in our community, no matter how small of a growing space. We demonstrate various growing practices so our neighbors can apply them at their homes, from wooden raised beds to in-ground raised beds to container growing. 

We engage our young people and apprentices in all stages of food production, starting from planting and harvesting to marketing. By doing so, we aim to create a small-scale farm model that can inspire the next generation of sustainable farmers, advocates for healthy food, and active community members..


Farm Volunteer Days

Soul Food Project now has volunteer days at the Farm!  Volunteer days will take place on Saturdays, for individuals and groups! Stay tuned for the date for the first one. 

If you have any questions about volunteer days or want to reserve a Saturday for your group, please email!

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